Monday, May 30, 2011

Facts about Leo Man in Love

Leo man in love is essentially romantic in a dramatic sense...and not afraid to show it.
This is a man who enjoys pulling his loved one out into his world and radiate when he feels she compliments some qualities he admired most.

The fact is Leo man is a lovable but maddening male who is both passionate and insistent. The wealthy Leo man is often something of a playboy and may appear to take nothing seriously, which can be intensely irritating.

Here are positive and negative attributes of Leo man in love:

Positive Qualities of Leo Man in Love

  • To a Leo man, Love is a thing of luxury. His mate will receive an abundance of personal attention, lust and emotions.
  • The man ruled by Leo is essentially generous, kind and say nothing of his truly great heart. When in love, he likes his mate to be admired and noticed by others and enjoys being seen out and about with his loved one.
  • Since he does believe in the inherent goodness of mankind, it is difficult for the Leo male to hold a grudge and his possibilities for success are limited only by a lack of confidence in those he loves.
  • As a father, he takes pleasure in playing games with his children but is prone to roar when they go too far, promptly dispatching them off to bed.

Negative Qualities of Leo Man in Love

  • Being a fiery and romantic soul, this man will demand a mate's attention, becoming jealous, aloof and offended should his partner forget...even for one instant...that he is of kingly stock
  • The Leo male is something of a law unto himself and if he chooses to pursue romance outside of the home, then he will do so without scruple...but his attitude toward life is such that he would never suffer the same behavior from a partner.
  • He can be somewhat appearance-conscious at times and may become overly critical of a partner's qualities, looks or talents.

Still, love with a Leo man is like no other love and once these persons decide to give their hearts, they also give every inch of their souls...and here lies the Leo vulnerability. If their trust is broken, they are almost certain to crumble.

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