Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Facts about Leo Woman and Libra Man Relationship

On the surface, the Leo woman and Libra man partnership promises to be an agreeable one since these two Signs are situated apart in the Zodiac. There will be an understanding by both partners of the inner workings of the other and if Leo woman's unbounded energy can blend favorably with Libra man's natural sense of harmony, the end result could be one of great balance.

Libra man does possess the power to calm and soothe his flamboyant Leo partner and there is potential for this couple to be well-balanced, provided Libra man is able to lay on sufficient charm and good manners to tame Leo woman's direct and acerbic personality. Let’s look at positive and negative attributes of Leo woman and Libra man relationship:

Positive attributes of Leo woman and Libra man relationship

  • Leo woman and Libra man are both outlandish as opposed to reserved, and a smooth union could result given that each has the ability to appreciate and benefit from the positive attributes of the other.
  • Being the most decisive of the pair, the Leo woman can help Libra man to make decisions more easily and act upon say nothing of being capable of teaching the fine art of spontaneity.
  • In a romantically physical sense, the appetites here are about equal. Both Leo woman and Libra man desires glamour and fantasy in the arena of intimacy. Also, both possess exceptionally warm characters.
  • Perhaps the best aspect of a Leo woman and Libra man relationship is the harmony that can result from a union of the Sun with Venus. The balance between self and others, which this relationship represents, is a magnificent learning experience and each partner here can make up for what the other is missing.
Negative attributes of Leo woman and Libra man relationship

  • Though Leo woman and Libra man possess exceptionally warm characters, the compatibility for a favorable union between these two simply seems to be lacking. Leo woman enjoys a good fight and an arguing match serves to clear the air for those governed by this Sign, but does little (if anything) to thrill the soul of the peace-loving and harmonious Libra man.
  • By nature, women ruled by Leo will not face any decision making unless it is a pressing concern and Libra man will likely perceive this attitude as irresponsible and decidedly unloving. As might be expected, this will provoke even more friction.
  • Since men governed by Libra worry most about a loss of youth and attractiveness, they are prone to being flirtatious...usually for reassurance when they receive a positive response. However, this is sure to incite a strong possessive and jealous streak in the Leo partner, who will totally horrify Libra man with her outbursts regarding Libra man's harmless actions.
  • Both are "on again/off again" workers and will spend long periods simply lazing around doing nothing. Yet, neither will recognize their own trait in their mate, resulting in the hurling of insults of indolence at each other.
In essence, Leo woman and Libra man combination may or may not make for a good match and it will depend on many varying factors. The hale and hearty nature of Leo woman may prove to be too overwhelming for the more sensitive Libra man, even though the pair has much in common that could result in a favorable relationship.


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